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The price of cleaner air in California: unfair competition

Starting January 1, 2008, California based marine dealers will be competing for new boat sales against retailers in the other 49 states at a distinct price disadvantage thanks to new inboard engine emission regulations instigated and mandated by the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

Dockominiums: growing trend not so black and white

As public access to the water shrinks, waterfront property is becoming more valuable and rare, bringing the focus of boating accessibility to the forefront. Mention the word “dockominium”, the concept of selling slips rather than leasing, and you will get strong opinions on this topic. 

Discover Boating: Promoting the boating lifestyle

Today, March 1st, marks the kick-off of the 2007 Discover Boating campaign.  For the next thirteen weeks, ads will run nationally on cable television and in popular lifestyle magazines.  Online advertising will run for the rest of the year.

Lessons from Miami….

I recently got back from the Miami International Boat Show, and I’m still catching up on sleep and getting caught up on work. Still, it seemed like a good time for reflection on the event, so here are a few of my random thoughts:

How much is that boat?

Ask the Average Joe walking down the street if he can afford to buy a boat and he’s likely to say, “No.” Boats, he may say, are a luxury item only to be enjoyed by the rich and famous, not the average, middle-class American.

What are you expecting in Miami?

It occurred to me the other day I haven’t touched a snow shovel in a year; an odd winter in New England. It is cold, though, another reason to pack my polo shirts and fly down to the Miami International Boat Show next week. Are you going too? What are you expecting to find?

N.J. DEP needs to think, again

More often than not I side with the environmental groups because I want to breathe fresh air and keep out of harm’s way from the thousands of contaminants that find their way on our land and in our waterways.  But here’s one time I do take a huge exception with the environmental advocates.

Customer Service

Customer Service is one of the biggest and most important issues facing our industry today. And here is the problem with that statement.

Fuel Efficiency on the Water

Fuel consumption and saving money is a hot topic. Global unrest, weather, energy supplies and the over-all economy are all weighing heavily on the price you pay at the pump and fuel dock.

Improving your dealer network

For most boat builders, they can make a great product, but it’s crucial to have the right dealer network in place to properly market and sell that product to the public.

The Necessity of Comprehensive Marine Warranties

 You’ve had numerous discussions with your friends and family. As an educated consumer, you’ve shopped around for weeks comparing different boat brands and prices. You’ve made the decision to purchase a new boat, and then the wind gets taken out of your sails when you discover all the items that aren’t covered under your “so-called […]

Biggest Industry Challenge for 2007

The biggest challenge for the upcoming year and years to come centers around growing boating and the lifestyle.  I think as an industry we need to allocate as much time and as many resources in keeping the boaters we do have versus focusing too heavily on bringing new individuals into boating. 

No access, no boating

Water access – I’m glad to see industry media attention being paid to water access. It’s not as emotional an issue as “Take Me Fishing,” but it’s just as important to boating.

Coastal zone management is godsend for boaters

Many boaters are not familiar with the term Coastal Zone Management (CZM) or what it can do for boating. CZM is a joint federal/state effort to oversee the use of a land corridor adjacent to water. It was created in recognition of the primal human need for water access — almost as strong as an […]