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An interesting proposal

The New Jersey legislature has considered an interesting proposal that would benefit marinas and the environment.

A bill, if reintroduced, would give marinas a 10-percent tax credit against their state gross incomes if they meet the guidelines of New Jersey’s certified clean marina program.

A bill, which was introduced last year, had the support of the Marine Trades Association of New Jersey and the nationwide Association of Marina Industries. But it did not make it to a vote before the session ended.

Hopefully, the bill will be reintroduced and swiftly pass in the 2008 session. The clean marina program is catching on in New Jersey, and across the country.

Perhaps more states should consider financial incentives, as well, for marinas that do their part to be “clean.” It’s nice to be rewarded for being good environmental stewards.

JoAnn W. Goddard
Associate Editor


One comment on “An interesting proposal

  1. Mark

    Perhaps, but if the marina does comply the 10% rebate will not come close to the 15% increase in CBT taxes that were imposed along with a 1% sales take increase that took effect last year. NJ has a bad habit of increases taxes, then turning around and giving 5-10% back the following year and having the audacity to call it a “refund”

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