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New Year’s resolution for the industry

It’s that time of year when many people start thinking about making a New Year’s resolution. Some resolve to work harder, spend more time with family, exercise, eat healthier, or quit smoking.

It got me thinking about what type of resolution the marine industry should make for itself.
No doubt the industry has a tough road ahead in 2008. Most believe the economy will remain sluggish through at least the first half; gas prices are still at an all-time high; and permitting requirements related to a court ruling on ballast discharge could hit the industry as hard as the luxury tax of the early 1990s.

Then there are the myriad internal issues that need to be addressed, such as manufacturer/dealer relations and improving overall cohesiveness between the various industry segments, among others.

Is it realistic to think that all these issues can be tackled in only one short year? Is that the resolution the industry should make, or do we need to prioritize and focus more energy and resources on the battles that need to be fought first?

Melanie Winters
Associate Editor


One comment on “New Year’s resolution for the industry

  1. Anonymous Bob

    The first resolution should be to get, and keep, people interested in boating. The industry pie is getting smaller even though the general population is increasing. Granted, water access is an issue; however, if the industry can get enough people interested in boating, then the pressure can be put on developers and lawmakers to increase access.
    Where are the young people? That should be another of the important resolutions for the industry because we don’t have nearly enough young people interested in joining us on the water.
    With enough demand for our products, the proposed regulations, the cohesiveness, the “challenges” we face will solve themselves.
    I’m all for resolutions, but we know how long they typically last. Stick to sound business practices, solid and correctly targeted marketing, and exciting, affordable product development, and we might have a decent future.

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