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How do things look at IBEX?

IBEX opened its doors today; the exhibitors look crisp and hope to sell big.

But some on the floor told me the weak market has prevented many companies
from sending their usual number of people to the show. The companies have been trying
to curb costs.

One West Coast manufacturer says he’s hoping this show will help him boost sales
because the housing slump surely hurt his region. Another manufacturer told me he has lots of customers in Florida, but the ones in Fort Lauderdale do not want to come to Miami.

I also heard that some exhibitors have scaled back their space from previous years.

Perhaps you can shed some light on what’s happening this year.


2 comments on “How do things look at IBEX?

  1. CarlM

    I visited Ibex yesterday and found the show traffic lite. It worked out for me as I visited everyone I came to see & more. The lite show traffic was confirmed by most supplier I visited. I drove to Miami yesterday arrived at the show location at 1:35PM from the west coast of Fl. The traffic in and around Miami is very heavy all the time but what is disasterious is the lack of Parking in Miami Beach. I assume this is why the Ft Lauderdale folks do not want to come. I circled the parking lots & structures only to find full signs everywhere. Ther was no easily identifiable signage for, or directions to remote parking, though I did see 2 shuttle buses. After an hour I just started to act like the locals (or New Yorker city drivers) stopped in front of the cones going into a parking lot & waited 15 minutes until someone left & they let me in. I would have prefered a less stressful experience. Upon leaving it took almost 2 hours to get to the toll booth on Alligator alley but the stress was behind me.
    Next year what about Orlando?
    A central location, Traffic should be light as The Mouse is not that busy this time of year and parking is not an issue. As the numbers of builders exit Florida isn’t moving this expo a little bit north logical ??? Oh yea room are readily available and more affordable. Another reason I only went for the day.
    Just my 2 cents

  2. David

    The show was not as well attended as previous years. Truly a reflection of what has been happening in the current ecomony. The level of interest and activity of those that attended was very good.

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