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Stand up and be counted

Grassroots campaigning, as you know, can have a huge effect in Congress. But it only works when legislators hear from lots of people on a particular subject.

Here’s your chance to speak volumes on a recently proposed bill, The Recreational Boating Act, which is designed to protect recreational boaters from new commercial ballast water permitting regulations.

Given the weak sales environment that has been hurting the industry, do you really want to be burdened with additional federal permits?

The NMMA, in partnership with the Boat Owners Association of the United States and other outdoor recreation partners, created a grassroots Web site at www.boatblue.org to mobilize the boating community on the ballast water permitting issue.

I checked it out and the site is user-friendly. The legislative issues are clearly spelled out and the only thing you have to do is click on the Take Action button, and your voice will be heard. In fact, a sample letter was written. You just have to sign your name.

If there’s ever a time to be heard, it’s now. I hope you take advantage of www.boatblue.org; it’s a vehicle that can truly be used to your advantage.

This not a time for apathy to take center stage. Do stand up and be counted.

Let us know that you took action. Perhaps, you will serve as an inspiration for others
to do the same.

Lois Caliri
Soundings Trade Only


One comment on “Stand up and be counted

  1. J. S. Cole

    Regarding Senate Bill 1578 — Get your Senator , Vice Chairman or Chairman to vote “YES” for the Nelson Amendment to that bill pn Ballast Water. TIMING IS URGENT IT GOES FOR VOTE AT 2:30 Thursday(Eastern time) at the Commerde Committtee markup in room SR253. Get the word out or you will be getting pjermits for each boat you own in every state you use it.

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