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Slips available?

This past weekend I was out and about, shopping for my fall wardrobe and as I passed by a large marina along the Connecticut shoreline I marveled at all the boats in the water.

Then I did a double take.
A big brown cardboard sign sat on the walkway in front of the marina’s entrance. “Slips Available,” said the sign.

I smiled. It was nice to see boaters had a place to put their boats, given all the discussion about overcrowded marinas and no place to park boats.

An old-fashioned advertising technique that’s sure to capture attention in a boating community.

My thoughts, wandered, though to the public/private marina story that’s featured in the September issue of Soundings Trade Only. The story notes that public and private marinas compete on service, location and amenities, rather than on slip rates.

I wonder, though, if boaters try to negotiate slip rates as they search for coveted boat space. Also, what are marina managers doing to lure boaters to their sites?

Lois Caliri
Soundings Trade Only


One comment on “Slips available?

  1. Kerry

    I can not speak for all marinas, however my company provides the only centralized reservation network for boaters, http://www.marinalife.com We list all marinas in the US,Bahamas, Central America,Caribbean and Canada. All marinas have the opportunity to provide detail information and link to there web sites at no charge. Hundreds of marinas participate in our services and recieve referrals and bookings for long,short dockage.

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