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Are you a victim?

Theft and Burglary on boats is on the rise!

Theft and burglary on boats is on the rise.  Did you know that there have been five yachts stolen from the Miami area since the beginning of 2007 amounting to over $10 million?

In 2003 11,000 boats were stolen in the US and ONLY 10-15% were recovered, also in 2003 $250 million in boats and boat equipment was stolen and 80-85% was NEVER recovered.  Don’t let yourself be a victim, Are you protected?

Boats owners are now reconsidering their “usually” key hiding spots on their boats.  With the installation of plasma TVs and easy to remove electronics, thieves are realizing that boats are an easy target.  Many owners are now, in fact, installing a security system to supervise everyone boarding their boat.  Most of these security systems also offer monitoring features like: high water sensing, low voltage sensing, loss of shore power notification and GPS tracking. Did you know that 80% of boats that sink, sink at the dock?

Insurance companies have supported the addition of these security and monitoring devices to the market by offering owners up to 15% annual discount on the owners insurance premium for having a system like this installed.  Almost everyone now knows someone who has had their boat broken into or had their boat stolen.  With TIME being our most valued possession, what does all this really mean?  Boat owners want “Complete Peace of Mind” knowing that their boat will be at the dock, secure and ready for operation when they arrive at the marina and they are willing to pay for it!

Marc Curreri
Paradox Marine


2 comments on “Are you a victim?

  1. Randy Ward

    Many of the boats being stolen in South Florida are 31-38 foot center consoles with twin of triple outboard engines. These boats are used to run to Cuba and smuggle people into Florida. At $8000-10,000 per person, this can be very good money if you can get 15-30 people per trip.
    In the last week there have been two incidents of the Coast Guard arresting suspected smugglers. Also in the past month there have been at least two arrests of people who have stolen boats and admitted they were going to Cuba. One was arrested as he fueled up the boat just a couple blocks from the scene of the crime. The dealer got the boat back and 300 gallons of gas. Warn your customers these boats are a hot item and exrtra protection must be used especially if the boat is on a trailer.

  2. Bill Housley

    In the last 90 days there have been 9-10 Boat, Motors & Trailer stolen here in South West Fl. from 18 -35 right out of Boat Dealer’s lot’s. That I know of I am sure there is alot more. They back their trucks right up and Hook & Go. Most of the Boats have been found in Miami, Fl. striped of all but the Hull & Deck. It might not be 10 Million $$ but most of the Dealers I know have been hurt very bad from the Insurance deductible plus the loss of inventory. Most cant restock till the claim has been settled.

    A word to the wise !!! “lock them down take off the tires & carry a big Gun”

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