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Annual catch limits

While eating my fresh fruit cup for breakfast at the American Boating Congress I listened to Samuel Rauch, a government official from NOAA fisheries, talk about new catch levels, which will prevent overfishing.

Many coastal areas are dependent upon fishing and related activities and their economies have been hurt by overfishing at an ever-increasing rate during the past decade. Massive foreign fishing fleets in water adjacent to the coastal areas have also interfered with domestic fishing efforts.

To that end, rebuilding overfished stocks and reducing overcapacity makes a lot of sense to me.

The newly revised Magnuson-Stevens Act requires annual quotas to end over-fishing by 2010 for stocks undergoing over-fishing, and by 2011 for all other federally managed fish stocks.

Sounds really good. But let’s hope the federal government has the funds to enforce its new efforts.

Rauch also talked about the creation of a new angler registry to determine who fishes and how often; where and how do people fish; and what do people catch.

He said the road to better data would improve the Marine Recreational Fishery Statistics Survey.

Your thoughts?

Lois Caliri
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2 comments on “Annual catch limits

  1. Bill

    Beware of the Fed or States controlling recreational anglers through the registry or saltwater licensing programs. North Carolina officials are currently planning ways to limit recreational fishing catches.
    New controls could include limiting the number of recreational saltwater fishing licenses issued by the state, restrictions on the number of rods and reels used, or requiring special permits to land certain species.
    Since they are having difficulty counting how many fish recreational fishermen take they are considering reducing the number of people that can fish recreationally.
    Recreational fishermen must unite. Join the Recreational Fishing Alliance today!

  2. B

    All of that is NOT necessary to do.

    I can TELL YOU who the culprits are. Theyre the Asian fishermen. They measure catch in TONS not fish. The USA protects its fisheries earnestly, but the asians just make a deal with the mexican govt or peruvian or any number of So. American and Latin American countries and Voila’…Instant fish stock disappearance !

    Why ?

    Pelagic fish follow the warm currents from south to north…they have been for about 30 million years…..and IF the USA wont let the asian trawlers near its coast, the asians simply move further upstream (south of the US) to other countries who are broke and will make ANY deal with them to wrap up ALL of the fish BEFORE they get into US protected waters….Happens all of the time and for the last 3 years. Our fisheries here in SoCal are abysmal….NO FISH !! Think 1/2 or less of previous years.

    Off the coast of Ensenada last summer I SAW 11 seiners, ALL ASIAN working ONE SCHOOL and they were wrapping EVERYTHING that swims, sharks, swords, tuna, marlin, dorado, bonita, dolphins, yellowtail, mackeral…etc…they dont care, they get paid .24 cents for every pound they haul in….Disgusting.

    Earlier last year, I did a yacht delivery to Costa Rica and saw NOTHING BUT ASIAN TRAWLERS in the ports being loaded with 1,000’s and 1,000’s of lobster tails and every kind of pelagic species that ever swam…..loaded up and headed STRAIGHT to asian countries, mostly korean and chinese boats, rusty, dangerous looking scows with minimal crews who actually live on the boats…..FULL TIME !, not just while they fish…Its gotten so bad in central america the locals CANNOT EVEN AFFORD FISH OR BEEF because the selling to the asians is SO MUCH MORE PROFITABLE for the locals. Thanks to Wall Street and Wal Mart, more asians are now RICH and can afford it more than anyone else ! Never mind the slave wages they pay their workers….

    My advice, go fish RIGHT NOW, there will be NONE left for your children or grandchildren or anyone else, take pictures of your catch and released fish as these will surely be extinct and or exhausted in short time….maybe 10 more years…after that ?…NOTHING, Just a memory and a fading picture

    I have honestly identified the problem, anyone that tells you ANYTHING different is either a politician or a liar or most likely BOTH…Nobody has the grapes to tackle this problem because of P.C. silliness

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