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No room for apathy

What happened to the days when passionate people stood up and made their voices heard?

Take the ballast water issue, for example. I know boat and engine manufacturers have met with the Environmental Protection Agency. And I know the NMMA has assembled a panel of experts to discuss this serious issue at the American Boating Congress.

So I was surprised when I saw only one story on www.boatblue.org, a Web site that was created to launch a legislative and grass-roots awareness campaign. I clicked on testimonials, and I got a blank sheet. I clicked on News and I read one story. I clicked on Take Action, and I got another blank sheet. I clicked on information and, guess what: another blank sheet.

Legislators pay attention to grassroots campaigns. They love to say they listened to their constituents. But if lawmakers clicked on to www.boatblue.org  they would be dismayed.

State your opinion. Take advantage of this Web site to make your voices heard. Otherwise, recreational boating may find itself with another serious problem on its hands.

Do you agree?

Lois Caliri


4 comments on “No room for apathy

  1. Jim

    As the editor of this great magazine, it’s almost shocking to here you ask that question. Do you see how many ads are posted on your site? And who are they from? The big wigs of the marine industry only post the “Politically Correct” answers. Please be real. What are they doing? There not listening to these posts or anyone else’s. I see a real problem starting with “Trade” magazines like yours. You say you are a forum for the industry? What did you do for the little guys with issues? What did you do when they called, emailed or wrote you letters explaining many different issues that were affecting them? I personally know myself and few others wrote your magazine for help many times. To quote Ms. Melanie Winters on more than one occasion,” I am sorry but the only way we can cover your Manu/dealer issue is after you file any type law suit.” Yes, that is the answer I received when asking for comments or any form of help. And Trade only is not the only one. There were many other Editors that flat out refused to even listen. Even the great Ben Sherwood said “good luck.” Some great help you all are. Oh, I am sure if my name was Brewers Yacht Yard, or Bassett Boat or Marine Max, or Boat/US , Brunswick, Etc or some other big name Marina or dealer, it would have been a different story. But in the end, it all goes back to the same issue. Boating is not a level playing field. Never was, never will be. That’s very sad when it hurts the entire BOATING INDUSTRY! When will all of you people that have the ability to put the REAL TRUTH on your front pages do it? Oh, wait..I keep forgetting…we have “GROW BOATING”!!!!!!!!!!

  2. CarlM

    Your at the heart of the problem. I to have emailed the trades, not only this one, & the heads are firmly in the sand.
    But a bigger problem I have been trying to get attention on is going to be a real omonis problem for boating no matter what size you are. In June the USCG is going to try to ram rod (vent to the public for input) a new weight criteria regarding passengers. Oh yea they will say it is only for T & K classed vessels(tour boats) commercial boats, but if they do it there they will have to do it everywhere because people are people.
    Heres the deal:
    currently the USCG uses 140LBS as the criteria for the weight of men, woman, & children when deciding passenger load. They are proposing to go to 185 Lbs. per every man, woman, & child. That is almost 30% increase. Yea we are a bit bigger but 30%?? Get real. How will this effect recreational boats? Easy. If you build or sell a boat that has a capacity of 6 people currently in the future your capacity would be 4!!!
    No where in this so called industry is this even being spoken about.
    If you think high gas is a problem wait until the boat your selling can legally carry 30% lees people. Inm florida that means a Flts boat builder whos boat carries 3 people will in the future if the USCG gets their way, will only carry 1. Yea it could carry 1.5 but who knows a half???
    Call your local USCG MSO and also contact your congress person and ask them what is up???
    Sorry for being a bit off topic.

  3. Lionel Twain

    Don’t you just love it? No one on the marine industry ever gets fired. “Left for personal reasons” “Left to spend more time with his family.” “Left to pursue other interests.”

    Never “Get out and stay out!”… hmm…bummer!

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