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Lessons from Miami….

I recently got back from the Miami International Boat Show, and I’m still catching up on sleep and getting caught up on work. Still, it seemed like a good time for reflection on the event, so here are a few of my random thoughts:

1. Companies that want to promote products should hold press conferences clearly designated as events to showcase new products. Don’t say you’re giving a seminar on an issue and turn it into a commercial for your product.

2. Thanks to Yamaha for the Internet access and food in the press room – there’s no better way to get a reporter’s attention than with free food!

3. Does anyone ever get to actually see the whole show? I probably only saw 1/10th of it….I wish I’d had more time to see it all.

4. Companies that give away interesting items get attention – did you all see the green, blow-up aliens?

5. New engines, new boat models, new accessories, new Grow Boating ads…hopefully it all adds up to a prosperous 2007 for the recreational marine industry.

6. It should never be less than 60 degrees in Miami, especially for us Northerners who look forward to escaping the snow, sleet and ice for a few days of sun and bright, blue skies.

7. Don’t check your luggage if you don’t have to, especially if you have to transfer through Charlotte, N.C. on a busy, holiday weekend.

Do you have any random thoughts about Miami you’d like to share? Come on, don’t be shy…

Beth Rosenberg
Staff writer
Soundings Trade Only


6 comments on “Lessons from Miami….

  1. peter siskind

    The cost of the green aliens was a lot to pay if you can only refer to it as “the company who gave away green aliens”. Giveaways are great but need to remind you of the company.

    We noticed many of the same people there multiple days; which is the only way to get to see everything. Many people who bought from us one day, brought referrrals on another day. It was a great show for us. It was the first time at Miami and it was quite overwhelming. We were hit by a tidal wave of sales.

  2. Marilyn DeMartini

    Hello Beth!
    Tell us what you saw that excited you! I saw some green Aliens but I didn’t know who gave them away…What companies and displays caught your eye?

    You just gave us a tease–I was looking to read more…many thanks! Best, Marilyn

  3. Carl Moore

    Well it was chilly for South Fl. but instead of my prospective on the show I will impart what my European distributor thoughts were. Including the Yacht Show on Collins Ave., he was disapointed about the size (numbers of exibitors) at the show. He was comparing to The Genoa show in the Fall. I had to concure as to the number of boat manufacturers. Larger manufactures had larger displays- Very few exotic builders- like Magnum, Many of the manufactures outside could have done a bit more to jazz up their booths. I still do not understand why show promotors let non boating vendors into these shows (The pot’s & pan guys, the massage products, RV parks, etc- Heck I rember going to one show that the scientologist had a booth? there should be a seperation of boating & religion :-))) Looks as if Miami has become a more local show… just my quick thoughts

  4. Rick

    At 300.00 dollars a nite is nuts. Miami has outpriced itself. Won’t be going back
    not at these rates. Chicago was a lot better, better show, cleaner it was geared to
    the marine not the pot pan people. I already have written to the NMMA and Miami
    tourist info about there high rates. Las Vegas is getting the same way. Greed Greed

    Thank you

  5. Chris Riddle

    I think it is time for a good ole Manufacturers show like the Dallas , and Chicago Trade Shows. The reason I know this is I am an independent boat rep and all I hear every year around dealer meeting time is it is to early or your date conflicts with another boat builders show. The motor companies created this problem by having there own dealer meetings back in the 90’s which left the independent boat builders to scramble and start doing there own because the OMC’s, and Brunswicks were not supporting the trade show. I’m sure almost every dealer would welcome a Trade Show where all boat builders or at least the ones who participate were under one roof and the dealer could get his buying done in a week and get back to his store. Miami is not the answer because it has very limited space and the cost is out of this world for the builder as well as the dealer. Also I would welcome the competition across the isle from each other creating a buy buy atmosphere. If the big boys do not want to participate then the dealers need to let them know and tell them they are going to the new trade show and I guarantee you the big boys will change there attitudes when no one shows for there meetings. But, there is always a but , the only way this can work is if the dealers put pressure on the builders and a good promoter puts it together to make it stick and make it a success where everyone wants to come back and the one’s who did not come will come the next year because they missed out on one damn good show. It is sad for an industry our size that all we really have for an industry trade shows are Miami anf Fort Lauderdale. That’s all.
    Chris Riddle

  6. Seabob

    I think its about time we all started to think outside the box regarding boat shows. I would love to see someone entertain a major in-water boat show with the theme being “Buyers Only”. Raise the ticket price substantially, offer sea trials and demo’s on the spot, and above all increase marketing efforts for the show to the high heavens “for serious buyers only” hmm!

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