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Improving your dealer network

For most boat builders, they can make a great product, but it’s crucial to have the right dealer network in place to properly market and sell that product to the public. It’s also important to have dealers in key markets that are an extension of your corporate philosophy on customer service and the handling of your brand. Having specific programs in place that help to grow your dealer network, but at the same time help them grow with your company, is a great idea. Many times, a boat builder will focus highly on expanding their dealer network. Although this is constantly important, it’s also important to recognize the overall strength of your existing dealers, and to build relationships that nurture these current and future markets. Each dealer is different, just like each customer is different. Each should be treated with respect, and properly serviced. But, just like each dealer is different, not every dealer is the right fit for your company and vice versa. Learn your markets, learn your dealers, and you’ll learn how to better grow your company as a whole. 

David Stroud 
Marketing Manager  Monterey Boats  


3 comments on “Improving your dealer network

  1. Jim Burroughs

    What a refreshing commentary from a boat builder–I hope all your brother builders read it and learn. For too long now it’s been a matter of which dealer would be willing to purchase the most product the soonest.

  2. Larry Tague

    Very refreshing attitude. It always amazed me that a boat company would sign a dealer without as much as a credit check ( other than floor plan ) references,store action plan , our the other basic actions you would think would be important to a long term relationship.

  3. peter siskind

    Thank you Dave, for your insight. We are a manufacturer of video navigational products; new to the industry, and have begun the search for reps, dealers, and other outlets for our products.

    I have seen in other industries where dealers just had to pass “the mirror test” (if the mirror fogs when placed under their nose, they’re qualified!!!)

    In our case, we hope to do as much as possible to be selective, while achieving the counterbalance of numbers.

    Great blog.

    Peter Siskind

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