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Two messages to heed

In the not-too-distant past, when our waterways were a bit more crowded, we heard more concerns raised about irresponsible boaters tossing large wakes or driving recklessly.

The actions of a few bad apples were not only jeopardizing the safety of others, but they also put boating on the radar of overzealous regulators and waterfront homeowners. And in some instances these cowboys might have been the last straw that caused someone already teetering on getting out of the sport to do so.

This public service announcement from the Water Sports Industry Association and professional wakeboarder Shaun Murray is spot-on. Education — both on the water and in the classroom — is a powerful tool for improving boating safety and promoting growth.

And the following PSA on life jackets from the National Safe Boating Council is another example of promoting safety in a light way.

Getting people more comfortable operating their boats through hands-on training is a great way to increase retention and draw new people to the sport. And basic safety education focusing on everything from life jacket wear to the importance of situational awareness is a foundation for enjoying time on the water.


One comment on “Two messages to heed

  1. Jerry Craddock

    Fantastic couple of psa’s and agree that classroom and hands-on education are essential to keeping safe on the water and for a lifetime.

    I invite you to visit Spirit of America, Americas premier youth boating education program’s website. We have been educating young people in classroom and hands-on for nearly two decades. In one week a young person gets their state boating education certification and receives instruction in sailing, paddling and power boats including jet skis. They are then introduced to large vessel experience of someone who has made a career on the water. Our young graduates are the safe, smart boaters with a bright future and they are the boat owners of tomorrow.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Stay safe and enjoy the sea?

    Jerry Craddock
    Spirit of America Foundation
    National Coordinator


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