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Staying in the loop

For those who read our e-newsletter on a regular basis, you’re sure to have noticed a lot of stories lately about layoffs, plant closings and weak earnings reports.

We often get phone calls or e-mails from readers asking why we have to write those stories. People are sick of bad news, they tell us.

We write these stories because it’s our job to provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate information about what’s going on in the marine industry — the good and the not so good. And as much as we wish the news was better, we also don’t believe that we can hide our heads in the sand. Many of you agree.

For what it’s worth, these four stories received the most hits of any on our site over the last couple of weeks:
• Cobia halting production at its N.C. plant received 2,758 hits as of yesterday.
• Hatteras and Albemarle announcing jobs cuts received 1,896 hits.
• Brunswick announcing a $250 million debt offering received 1,705 hits.
• Wachovia pulling out of the marine lending business received 1,493 hits.

You don’t need us to tell you times are tough. You are on the front lines of the industry and see everyday how hard things are. We respect the difficult job that you have in promoting an industry and a lifestyle that can be difficult to sell in a weak economy.

So as you work through this tough market, we try to bring you the important news stories of the day, to keep you informed on what’s going on. It’s not always “good” news, but it’s information that you need to stay current on the boating industry.

Don’t get us wrong, we like to tell the good stories too — when you win awards or break show attendance records or receive an industry certification. We want to know, and we want to share your good news with others. Maybe someone else can take what you’ve done and use it to help their business.

So keep letting us know what you think — we want to hear from you. And when you have news to share, send it along so we can share it with everyone.

Beth Rosenberg
Staff Writer


2 comments on “Staying in the loop

  1. C. Gordon Houser

    Beth, Keep up the good journalism…no one said that all news was destined to be positive…only fit to print. I am “celebrating” my 53d active year in the Marine and Fishing Industries and would never trade that experience and friends made along the way for “all of the tea in China.” My best move was to hire a great PR agent in the person of Bob Black, who could point me to Grand Central Palace and Kingbridge Amory for the National Boat Show prior to the NY Colesium and current Javits Center. “Bad News” was when a westerly breeze would blow across the Old Chicago Stock Yards and into the Chicago Trade Show. While, some of us no longer spend our days in corporate headquarters but rather in home offices where we arrive in brightly colored robes or “funny” underwear at 0600 hrs it is vital
    that you on the frontline news staffs keep us in the “loop” for those key daily decisions. Thanks for what you do and do well. Regards and Tight Lines, Gordon

  2. Sunshine State

    Bumper Sticker: “Blame It All On The Media!”
    Seriously Beth, the industry is best served by the best reporting efforts.Report.Investigate. Keep up the good work,and thank you.

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