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Hello from Las Vegas!

Yesterday was the opening of MAATS and exhibitors appear to be taking a realistic, but optimistic approach to the market.

From what I’ve heard on the show floor, attendees admit that things aren’t great and no one’s pretending it’s not a tough economic climate and the industry as a whole is suffering.

But, they say, they are doing business and things aren’t as bad in their segment as it may be in others.

Peter Marshall, founder of Tallon Marine, is here for the first time. The New Zealand-based company only recently entered the U.S. market and, so far, he’s happy with what he’s seen.

In an economic downturn, he explained, people may not buy a boat, but they will buy things to make their current boat a little nicer. So instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars, they are spending a few hundred dollars.

“We’re actually OK with (the economic climate),” he said,

So, what do you think? Are things better for accessories manufacturers right now? How are things going for your company at MAATS? Let Trade Only know.

In the meantime…I’m off to put it all on red!


One comment on “Hello from Las Vegas!

  1. Ken Overman

    I wholly agree with Peter Marshall’s comments (Tallon Marine). Our product is experiencing an upsurge of sales since the price of fuel has gone up. We sell in-water mooring stations called “Boat Bunkers” which prevents growth on boat bottoms by restricting the flow of water and nutrients to the hull. Since boats are being used less these days, it makes sense to keep the bottoms clean and ready to go when the owner does want to go out. This also applies to the many boats in brokerage now. A strong demonstration of a boat requires constantly-clean bottoms for maximum performance. Boat Bunkers provides that by keeping bottoms absolutely clear of growth and so the boat shows much better. There’s no need for an expensive diver to come at the last minute. In that way we’re actually benifitting from the downturn of our industry.

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