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‘Boats’ is a fun ride

We are living in and creating a media/entertainment landscape today in which video is shouldering aside traditional forms of communication as it rapidly gains audience and revenue.

The power of video to inform and entertain in ways that older media can’t is clear. It’s snap, crackle, pop.

The short comedy “Boats” — written, edited and directed by Justin Dec — should leave you laughing. It did that for me. It’s well done. And it’s a Vimeo staff pick.

I think we all can see glimpses of former colleagues or people we know in the characters — perhaps even shades of ourselves.

One note of caution. The “boss” utters an expletive four minutes into the video.

Have a laugh. It’s hump day.


2 comments on “‘Boats’ is a fun ride

  1. Capt. Kman

    If the people at Pixar don’t see this and then run with it, they’ll miss out on a chance for more mega bucks. The plot, characters, and of course the poster are all spot on. Congrats to the team that put this together.

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