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Keep an eye on this weekend’s activities

It’s Memorial Day weekend – the traditional start of summer and the boating season.
Gas prices across the country this morning averaged $3.87 a gallon, according to AAA, and that figure is generally higher at marinas. Many parts of the country are already seeing prices top $4.00 a gallon, with prices climbing by the day.

There’s been a lot of talk about what this will mean for boating this summer. Some say boaters will stay home and off the water entirely, while others say they will still use their boats, but take shorter trips or stay docked in the marina.

Other says those who are passionate about boating won’t let the higher gas prices affect them at all.

Since “Trade Talk” can’t be everywhere this weekend, let us know what you see in your area of the U.S. Are the boaters out where you are? Are they cruising or sitting at the docks? Are people coming into dealer’s showrooms?

Keep us posted…and have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!


10 comments on “Keep an eye on this weekend’s activities

  1. Kim Sparks

    So far the weekend is shaping up to be very busy, lots of foot traffic and customers checking out their boats. Those people who scheduled their launch dates for this weekend are actually here and getting ready to head out. Of course being on an island things are a little more expensive for example the gas price at our docks is $5.30 per gallon and our diesel is $5.50. In Town I hear it varies from $5.85 at the Boat Basing to $8.19 at the new private yacht club. Best wishes for a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend everyone.

  2. tom lewis

    We have had the best week before Memorial Day in the last ten years!!!

    We have sold 5 boats today and it is only 2 PM

    No one has mentioned gas prices!!

  3. Greg Scholand

    As a private pilot based on Eastern Long Island, I have a unique perspective on boating as viewed from above. My travels on Memorial Day took me out to Block Island and then to Westerly RI before returning to Westhampton, NY. From what I could see, Montauk and Block were pretty darn empty. Maybe it was the predicted strong winds for Monday afternoon that caused people to leave early. Who knows. There was a lot of small boat activity on the bays and Sound. Don’t feel like it’s just the boating industry that is suffering, with avgas between $4.80-$7.00 per gallon, the airports were quiet for a holiday weekend. I’ll be curious to hear what the folks at the marinas have to say about fuel sales volume. The weather was picture perfect!

  4. Steve Whitenack

    The county I live in here in Indiana has over 100 lakes in it and I have seen a lot of boats at the gas pumps as well as on the lakes. Jet skis, bass boats and run abouts all out on the water. I do not see a differance between last year and this year.
    Also working in the boating industry we have had a really good year in sales so far. Hopefully it will remain strong through out this boating season.

  5. boatman

    Boating here in S. Fl this Memorial Day Weekend was split. The less expensive Municipal Marina at Haulover was very busy with small, inexpensive boats and personal watercraft. Most took their boats out to a sandbar that is 10 minutes away, and that’s where they spent the day. Minimal fuel usage. The more expensive Marinas that store the mid-price range larger boats between 28′, and 42′ were unusually quiet. These Marinas have been dealing with slow business all year, and dwindling customers. These Holiday weekends may not represent so much the start of a robust boating season for many, but a one -off “Holiday Hurrah” before things get even rougher for many boaters.

  6. Bill Lindsey

    Like boatman says, we saw a lot of traffic on the water, but most of the boats were headed for a nearby destination. The local sandbars and raftup spots were pretty busy, but there were not that many boats (except for me) idly cruising the ICW. The sporadically crappy weather didn’t help that, either.

  7. Gordy McKelvey

    Middle Tennessee had decent weather. Center Hill Lake was not very crowded for a Memorial Day Weekend. However, most of the High Schools in the area were doing graduations all weekend. With the holiday coming almost a week early there may have been conflicts with graduating seniors and their families. We’ll see this weekend. No rain, mid 80’s are forecast for Friday through Sunday.

  8. Worried Watcher

    Here in tennessee one marina has told me that they seen very little activity this memorial day at their pumps, working in the industry my self , Manufactures are not doing well at all, I think Model change is coming very soon in the next months , Dealer open houses will begin, this is going to tell us a lot for the remainder of the year, already seeing shops shutting down extra weeks, some closing, lay offs already going in to effect, I think the Marine industry will pull out of this but not for a couple years. Boats are after a recreational toy, people have to have jobs, to buy toys, automotive industry failing, high fuel price, election year all playing a part in our current situitation, I think someone in DC needs to refocus and get this mess under control before its too far gone.

  9. Gordy McKelvey

    Follow up to my entry on the 30th. This past weekend I saw very little activity on my end of Center Hill Lake in Middle Tennessee. Decent weather, mild temps, lake warming up, and all the kids out of school should equal lots of traffic on the water. NOT! Very few boats out and running around. Saw the regular hardcore water skiers and a few fisherman. Everybody else was moored in thir slips and hardly any trailer boaters in the area. The parking lots were’nt full. This time of year if you don’t get a parking spot by Friday afternoon, you’re in for a hike to get to your boat. Hope this season isn’t DOA already.

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