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Changes lower workers’ comp costs

Kudos to New York, California and Florida for their Herculean efforts to overhaul their respective workers’ compensation packages.

Companies, including those in the marine industry, have seen significant savings as a result of those reforms. Eliminator Boats in California saved an additional $100,000 a year in workers’ compensation costs. A nice chunk of change, especially in today’s economy.

Historically, workers’ comp has been a thorn for employers and employees.

So it is refreshing to know some state officials have rolled up their sleeves and worked with companies and labor groups to come up with win-win solutions.

When the reform packages benefit injured workers, while providing premium savings to employers, that’s a good thing.

Hopefully, others states will follow suit.

If you know of any other workers’ comp reforms let us know.

See how such reforms boosted the boating industry in the upcoming May issue of Soundings Trade Only.

Lois Caliri


One comment on “Changes lower workers’ comp costs

  1. CarlM

    Seeing you did not approve of my description of the insurance cartell controlling the Florida legislature Could you expond upon the Herculean efforts put foth by the Florida state government? Do you not think Hurculean is a bit of a stretch??

    How can you say anything has boosted the marine industry when it’s major player Brunswick report a 70% drop in profit?
    Without profit you can not pay your bills very long.

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