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I’m going to spin

Knowing we need something to smile about in this distressed economy, I thought I would share this tidbit with you.

The other night I was vegging in front of the TV, watching Wheel of Fortune (Pat and Vanna never seem to age) and I played along.

One of the categories was fun and games.

The contestant was successfully choosing the right consonants and buying the right vowels. I figured out the first word was ‘recreational,’ and guess what the second word was. You got it, ‘boating.’

Of course the contestant figured out the phrase and won some nice money.

Naturally, I smiled and immediately thought of all the marketers in the marine industry and asked myself, ‘Gee, I wonder how many impressions the recreational boating phrase made.’

Well, that’s my fun tidbit for the day.

Lois Caliri


2 comments on “I’m going to spin

  1. Earl Waesche

    Thanks to Wheel of Fortune for highlighting recreational boating. We may all need a “Wheel of Fortune” if S2766, The Clean Boating Act of 2008, does not pass the Senate. Failure to pass this legislation will require us to have an EPA permit for incidental water discharge from our boats and thus will have a hugh negative impact on the user community, manufacturing, the service industry and our total GNP. Hopefully all will work together to have as many senators as possible sign on as co-sponsors of S2766 and get this bill passed.

    Earl Waesche
    Legislative Director
    National Boating Federation

  2. Norm Schultz

    You’re so right – any plug on national TV for boating is a plus for us! I’d sure like to see more travel channel shows, for example, about boating instead of RVing which seems to get more than its fair share of coverage. And, Earl, you’re right on, too. Failing to get Congress to act is not an option for boating. I can tell you the boating industry is cranking up the pressure in Washington but America’s boaters get in the battle, too, if we’re going to end this permitting debacle. Kudos to NBF for actively getting your members working on this issue.

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