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Thanks for the entertainment PETA

Every now and then I have to pause and give thanks that our world includes wing nuts like the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. After all, they bring such great humor to the breakfast table, never mind fodder for a blogger!

PETA, you’ll recall, is the organization that advocates changing the name of fish to “sea kittens!” They claim anglers, like me, are terrible because we “hurt fish” when we catch them. Then, we even have the audacity to eat them. So, we’d be more likely to stop fishing if fish were called “sea kittens.” No one would want to hurt a kitten, they logic.

So, I recently picked up the St. Petersburg Times and there it was . . . an item about a new billboard just posted at nearby Anna Marina Island (Fla.). It shows a human leg hanging out of a Great White shark’s mouth and the headline reads: “Payback is Hell. Go Vegan.”

Clearly the loons from PETA wasted no time playing off an actual shark bite that did happen two weeks ago to local resident Charles Wickersham in the Gulf of Mexico. Wickersham was scuba diving when a suspected bull shark decided to take a deep bite out of his thigh. The bite was severe, but not considered life threatening. Wickersham’s five friends brought him back aboard their boat and raced to waiting paramedics on the island.

No question PETA is great at getting publicity (here I’m blogging about them.) They need to if they’re going to raise the money to support a reported 300 employees. They’re also good at coming up with absurd proposals, like this one: PETA once claimed it would donate $3 million to rebuild a fishing pier in Tampa Bay and there were only two conditions — rename the pier “Sea Kittens Pier,” and prohibit any fishing there! It didn’t sell.

Humans hook, spear, maim and kill fish everyday, according to PETA. They’re slogan is: “Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on or use for entertainment.” For me, PETA never ceases to entertain. In Casper, Wyo., for example, the PETA’ers there have been holding signs and handing out leaflets to parents with a picture of a hooked fish. Their message: “Don’t Let Your Kids Become Hookers.” (I’d like to dwell on this longer but, frankly, I’m taking my grandson fishing this afternoon.)

Finally, I am all grins at this one. PETA vice president Tracy Reiman provides us with this wisdom: “The most dangerous predator of all is the one holding the fishing rod . . . or standing at the ‘all you can eat’ seafood buffet.” Good grief, that’s me on both counts! Well, all I can say is: Today I’ll have my sea kitten deep fried, thank you.


18 comments on “Thanks for the entertainment PETA

  1. JB

    wingnuts is a fantastic description for PETA folks. They also are against silk because of the exploitation of silkworms. Of all the problems humanity has, you’d think they could come up with better causes to champion than silkworms and sea kittens.

  2. Marty Pinkerman

    Well stated. What makes it even more humorous is that the “wing nuts” are actually serious. As the old saying goes, you can’t make this stuff up. I’m picturing a 7-year old boy fishing with his Grandpa, wearing an orange kapok life jacket over his SpongeBob shirt. Sounds like a predator, doesn’t it?

  3. david

    loose wingnuts that cause damage to equipment and society….they have no real job and live in fantasy land…they save the trees because they think money grows on them!

  4. LARRY

    I DON’T FEEL STUPID NOW, CAUSE WHEN I NEEDED A NEW BIMINI TOP FOR MY SMALL WHALER, I WENT AHEAD AND HAD THE NEW ONE MADE IN RED……(so now in case its down and sea kitten blood gets on it, it wont stain it !!!!)

  5. plainloco

    The noisy, attention-getting stunts are part of a carefully planned, decades-long campaign to distract you from the trues issues. PETA is a fundraising machine that dupes naive, although compassionate, animal lovers into believing they’re “saving the animals” by supporting their wacky causes. Behind the slick, in-your-face veneer, their ultimate goal is to eliminate anything that involves animal ownership, including pet ownership, pet breeding, hunting, rodeos, circuses, zoos, cattle and dairy farms and fishing.

    The animal-rights groups, like PETA and HSUS, have been chipping away at our ability to fish, hunt and to own and breed animals for years, and they’re getting closer to passing laws that ban it entirely. Take a look at some of the laws banning owning certain breeds of dogs, banning gun ownership, banning certain types of ammo or fishing gear, banning fishing of certain species of fish. That’s just the beginning. Wake up and smell the sea kittens frying or they’ll soon succeed.

  6. Joefactor

    PETA had a woman in a dog crate painted like a cat out on a busy intersection here in Tulsa the last time the circus was in town . I had to turn around and get a second look . Great Humor .

  7. Wingnut

    Wow! Alot of hate being spewed here. I’m an avid boater as well as a PETA member. So I guess I’m guilty as charged. I’m a wingnut, or any other derogatory term you want to call me. PETA is composed of activists. So is the NRA, Trout Unlimited, your local church, etc. Activists say and do absurd things to get their point across. But, I’m not writing to push my beliefs or criticize yours. I am a regular reader of Soundings Trade Only and I’m not surprised by the comments of fellow readers. But here’s the thing, if we were all rafted up together, and this conversation broke out. I’d probably keep my mouth shut to keep the peace. Who knows? Next time your boat breaks down on the open sea, the guy that stops to help or give you a tow might be a “wingnut” like me. We might not share the same political, religous or social views but we all love boating. So maybe we can put petty namecalling aside and talk about something we all enjoy.

  8. Bill

    I take my Golden Retriver fishing every weekend at Desoto Point right around the corner from Anna Maria – and I am the first in line at the all u can eat seafood buffet -

  9. Al

    No extreme is good. The key is moderation and respect for the resources (such as “sea kittens”) that support our lives.

  10. Ian Pearce

    You would think that by now Fish would have learnt to avoid anything playing Jimmy Buffet. The hook in the mouth thing may seem cruel but the real issue should be that once caught the fish has to stay alive for some time listening to “A cheeseburger in paradise” on repeat. I thank you!

  11. AnonymousBob

    What is going on here? You people are slacking!

    Wingnut posted a common sense thought (foreign language to most of you) a couple days ago and no one has slammed them. Holy cow (or is that land manatee?)!! You people are derelict in your duties as faithful Right Wingers. You all should be ashamed of yourself and need to rethink your priorities. Now, I expect a full reporting and retorting to Wingnut’s post, and mine, ASAP!!

  12. Dave C.

    Ian Pierce- you can comment when you learn how to spell Jimmy’s name…there’s 2 “T’s”. And with 35+ CD’s out Buffett has more important songs than Cheeseburger In Paradise, just sayin’.

  13. DJ IN NC

    In this morning’s Wall Street Journal there is a full page ad sponsored by PETA depicting Paul McCartny as a Vegen and becoming one after an incident in which he caught a fish and then watched it die. If you have ever heard Paul talk and couple his intellect, or lack thereof with his past actions, it is very easy to see he aint no rocket scientist. Be it as it may, no doubt somebody will sympathize with the message, same as the billboard in Florida.

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