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A boat dealer’s Christmas carol….

A boat dealer’s Christmas carol
(Sing to the tune of “Twelve Days of Christmas”)

On the first day of Christmas, my builder gave to me,
A Dealer Agreement that is fair; 

On the second day of Christmas my banker gave to me,
Floorplan relief . . . and

On the third day of Christmas my suppliers gave to me,
Real boat show help

On the fourth day of Christmas my builder gave to me,
Street labor rates

On the fifth day of Christmas my builder gave to me,
A full fiscal report

On the sixth day of Christmas my builder gave to me,
Area I can count on

On the seventh day of Christmas my builder gave to me,
A true buy-back deal

On the eighth day of Christmas my builder gave to me,
Full retail on parts

On the ninth day of Christmas my builder gave to me,
Just boats we ordered

On the tenth day of Christmas my government gave to me,
Regs that make sense

On the eleventh day of Christmas I agreed to this,
Support my MTA

On the twelfth day of Christmas my customers gave to me,
A whole lot of orders



5 comments on “A boat dealer’s Christmas carol….

  1. C. Moore

    Now don’t get me wrong but it:
    Sounds like it was written by a dealers Lawyer.
    There is far to much “me” in the ditty.
    Though I believe it reflects the underlying belief of many dealers.

    I know this is meant as light fare.
    The future words going forward should be:
    and a common goal to ensure both are prosperious.

    Merry Christmas

  2. Ken Lamain

    I would add one thing. Manufacturers would agree to stop giving away the extended warranties and let the dealer sell them AND make a bit of money. The customers now think a 5 year motor warranty is standard.

  3. BuilderRep

    And for a New Year’s resolution, my dealers resolved to learn how to market my product, how to sell my product, how to sell my product at a profit, how to take care of the customer, and how they can help me help them.

    I second Doug’s “Merry Christmas” wish!

  4. Jim

    And add to Rep’s comments: a rep who knows his product; a rep who will answer his phone calls and emails, a rep who will help at boat shows,(and show up for more than half a day during a ten day show if he/she shows up at all), instead of sitting in an office and talking/texting/emailing on his/her phone, and a rep who will tell the truth about product availability and enforce rules regarding a dealers territories. And a third Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!!

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