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Some twisted carols and hopes ahead


Oh EPA, Oh EPA, it’s time to end the fooling

You’ve had your day, it’s go away, you’re ’bout to get retooling!

No more shall you see overreach, ignore what’s best and blindly preach,

Oh EPA, Oh EPA, the changes have us drooling!


Do You Hear What I Say

Said the blogger to his reader list, do you hear what I hear? (do you hear what I hear?)

The Colossus of Follicles is here. (Do you hear what I hear?)

The DOJ is shaking in its boots. Neglected law is coming to an end.

And the regs-killing jobs are gonna bend!


God Rest Ye Merry NMFS

God rest ye merry National Marine Fisheries Services, it’s time to see the facts,

Our fisheries need changes now, take regs off anglers’ backs;

Your science stinks, conclusions wrong, we private anglers say,

Oh, oh, time to move or get out of the way, out of the way; oh, oh time to move or get out of the way!


All I Want for Christmas

All I want from Congress in a tax cut bill, a tax cut bill, yes, a tax cut bill,

Gee if I could only have a tax cut bill, then I could grow and even prosper!


Pardon my Christmas musical spirit. But the way the Trumpsters are filling the cabinet and other key posts, one can’t help feeling joy that we appear to be heading for better economic times. One thing seems certain: eight years of agencies negatively impacting our small businesses by appropriating to themselves powers they do not have is coming to an end. Tax cuts, major infrastructure spending, increased wages and many other expected policy changes all foretell of a better business climate.

So, as Dealer Outlook will not return until the Jan. 3 edition of TradeOnlyToday, thank you for being a reader. I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas, and a most exciting and prosperous New Year.


9 comments on “Some twisted carols and hopes ahead

  1. Bryon Kass/ Custom Design

    We all in this industry need to pepper the new administration with these limericks etc. The regulatory environment is not conducive to growing business and keeping jobs. I am mainly in the engine business. When the EPA said we were exempt but ruled we had to prove our product meet exemptions I scratched my head until it bleed. We now have hope that the liberals can’t fathom.

  2. Ed McKnew

    Sorry, Norm, but rejecting globalism, trade agreements — specifically, the Trans-Pacific Partnership — and targeted immigration doesn’t suggest better economic times to me. More like isolationism and all that goes with it. Just my two cents.

  3. Scott Smith

    By the same token, blindly embracing globalism, and calling a trade agreement beneficial and good simply because it is a trade agreement is not necessarily good policy. Vigilance and fairness is not isolation. It is good policy and common sense.

  4. Robert Bartlett

    I cannot believe you are looking forward to the sick, out of control future we will have under Trump. The regulations we have achieved are to preserve our planet for our children and grandchildren. Businesses, including mine, have continued to thrive and our planet has also. Greed is a sickness that it sounds like you have.

  5. Frank Ferris

    Chump is going to do nothing for the working man, but reduce his personal income. The tax cuts for the wealthy that have been going down since saint Ronnie the actor and then George H Bush and his ignorant 10 percent luxury tax forced me to lay off 35 employees and close five stores in 1990. The price of oil is going to triple with the CEO of Exxon Mobile in the Secretary of states office and all the little people that have seen their standard of living diminish since 1980 are going to take another hit The Rethuglicans have been saying for years they want to steal what is left of our deposited Social security money by theft with a pen claiming it cost them money when they in FACT pay in nothing and it is not a budget item it is the workers deductions on already taxed income being taxed again at disbursement thanks to Saint Ronnie the actor. They want to privatize medicare so they can steal that money also You see roses I see a stock market pump and dump riots in the streets and no Billionaire left behind when the dust settles you can not HAVE IT ALL for the 65 wealthiest families the people you have stolen THEIR futures from know who you are were you live and were you plan on hiding enjoy the end of life as you knew people with nothing to lose will risk everything they have left to take you out think about that

  6. Peter

    I find this “twisted carol” inappropriate for our industry magazine. It’s personally partisan, disrespectful, and, frankly, obnoxious. I will no longer read this author’s column and I hope you consider replacing him with someone that is focused on members issues not his own personal agenda.

  7. AnonymousBob

    Trump lost!!

    “Drain the Swamp”?! HA!!! Trump has pulled the biggest con in US history and you, Norm, and millions of other lemmings are headed off the cliff. The problem is, the rest of the country is going to be pulled into the drink because of your selfish, short-sighted foolish vote. The last thing Trump is for is the “common man”. He’s a self-indulged, impetuous, contentious, thin-skinned narcissist. I am hopeful his conflicts of interest and self-dealing will get him impeached sooner than later, but with the corrupt GOP in charge, my hope isn’t a glimmering one.
    The OEM’s catering to the budget buyer are going to get smashed due to Trump’s economic policies. If any of them are hoping Mr. Joe Q. Blue Collar is going to be buying, well, let’s hope they have mental health coverage in their insurance.
    I blame you, Norm!

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