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Can you put your name on it?

You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do – Carl Jung

We all should look for a little inspiration every day. Among my favorite bloggers, who also does podcasts, is John O’Leary. He pens “Live Inspired.”

He recently posed the question: “Can you put your name on it?” That, I thought, is a question each of us can ask every day . . . of ourselves and all co-workers on the dealership team. Does every member, from reception to service department, lay claim to their work with pride?

In his current blog, O’Leary shares the story of Brian Buffini. He came to America as a 19-year-old with less than $100 to his name. He took on odd jobs from selling T-shirts to working as a security guard and painting houses. The latter was something Brian knew a lot about because his family back in Ireland was in the painting business.

At a young age, Brian had painted for his grandfather. Each day, after completing a job, his grandfather would walk into the room, look over each wall and assess Brian’s work. He’d then turn to Brian and ask: “Brian, can you put your name on it?”

The important point was that Brian knew in this family business that the only acceptable answer was yes. Indeed, if there was ever a negative response, there was no question the work would have to be redone. The Buffini name would only go on work completed to the highest of standards and all work had to be that way.

Being willing — no, make that proudly desiring — to put our name on all our work should be the final measure of all our efforts, regardless of position. As a blogger, I know my name goes on everything I write in Dealer Outlook. I’m glad, because it allows you to know whose passion, energy and enthusiasm is behind this effort to find and communicate ideas that might lead to more success for dealers.

But to finish Brian’s story, he eventually got into the real estate business and was so successful others would ask him to teach them. In time, he realized he could have a big impact teaching others how to more effectively build their business. Today, Buffini & Company has had enormous influence on the real estate profession. Some three million agents have taken his courses and it is believed that one in every eight houses sold has been by an agent influenced through Brian’s strategies.

So O’Leary concluded his blog by reminding us: “You are what you do, not what you’ll say you’ll do. So as you race through your days at work and routines in life, choose to interact, to create, to serve and to live so passionately that you, too, are proud to put your name on it.”

And while you’re thinking about it, go read O’Leary’s personal story. If you don’t count every day as a gift to be pursued with passion, regularly reading O’Leary just might get you there.



One comment on “Can you put your name on it?

  1. Mark Kellum

    I recently sold my 1986 Sea Ray ACMY that I bought in 2004 for our family to enjoy. We liked that the boats interior was old school wood joinery and lots of craftsmanship. Early on we noted that the guest head had a small crack in the mirror and the mirror had naturally hazed over decades of the marine environment. We decided to replace it with a new mirror. After removing the old mirror we noticed that the person who installed the head had signed and dated the wood behind the mirror. Obviously, he took pride in the work he had done. We were impressed. Now another family is enjoying the quality and details that this venerable craft presents.

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