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Positive signs offer encouragement

Things are still ugly out there, of course. But, when we look for some positive news these days, seems we can find some. And, I think weíre finding it more often now, and that encourages me.

You probably think Iím referring to the current stock market gains, right? Well, itís certainly headed in the right direction for a change, but there are plenty of pundits around who claim itís really a false rally. I must admit I have no idea!

Actually, the encouraging news Iím referring to includes the recent report that housing starts surged up a surprising 22 percent†last month. Letís face it, any good news coming out of the housing market can have a positive impact on consumer thinking. Moreover, there are signs the consumer confidence index has finally bottomed out. Add to that the recent reports that consumer spending was better last month than anticipated. The conclusion is that consumers are still spending, cautiously perhaps, but spending. All are positive signs.

Hereís another: The Outdoor Industry Association has just sent out its ď2008 Recreation Participation Report.Ē The association annually studies the nationís outdoor recreation trends. Topping the list of activities last year was fishing! Thatís right Ė the No. 1 activity among all Americans age 6 and up was fishing. It even beat out all organized sports including baseball, basketball and soccer!†

The association estimated more than 50 million Americans participated in fishing. Moreover, they took more than 1 billion fishing outings. While the study doesnít make a distinction between fishing outings in a boat and those from shore, itís all encouraging news for us because boating and fishing are very much linked. Indeed, any number of other studies over the years have documented upwards of 70 percent†of all boats are used for fishing at least some of the time.

Finally, the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation (RBFF) recently announced itís less than 3-year-old ďAnglerís LegacyĒ program has topped the 100,000 pledges mark. In essence, the program asks avid anglers (dubbed ďAmbassadorsĒ) to preserve the legacies of boating and fishing by pledging (at to introduce at least one newcomer to the sport each year. Moreover, an RBFF survey conducted last October revealed that the Ambassadors purchase about $140 in fishing tackle and equipment, $153 in boating supplies and accessories, and more than three fishing licenses.

ďAt 100,000 Pledges, this means the program may have already generated $25 million for the boating and fishing industries and 170,000 new fishing licenses for states,Ē reported RBFF President Frank Peterson.

†Yes, even in this recession, there are encouraging signs out there.


5 comments on “Positive signs offer encouragement

  1. arch

    There is LITTLE good economic news right now. People may not realize it, but there is much more BAD NEWS that will come out over the coming months. But you know what, the GOOD NEWS is that this is America. We are the greatest country on earth and no one president will take that away.
    We are a resilient people and greatness will be ours once again. Don’t hold your breath though, it might be a little while.
    God Bless.

  2. Captain Andrew

    In my humble opinion, the the people of the US need to go back to the values we HAD. that is wer need to again be a society of producers not consumers. I believe if that changes, when value will once again be placed on engineers, scientists, educators, the desire to be educated in order to think (not to be a corporate cog), (economic) community visionaries, then the United States will again lead the world in having the largest middle class and the best products and services in the world. If, on the other hand, the country continues to value paper shufflers like Hedge Fund Managers, Credit Swap traders and things and the majority of capable people are more inclined with their short-term gains at the expense of the the larger economic picture, then the US will continue to fall the way the Roman and British Empires fell. US citizens have the capability to turn this country around, the question really is will they sacrifice some short-term gain for long term economic security—-the past 30 years, the answer has clearly been “No.”

  3. Craig (UK)

    I agree Captain Andrew, we have exactly the same problem here in the UK, burnt all our bridges as far as manufacturing is concerned. Any one with half a brain could see this coming. We need a joint effort to come through this and all get back to real work making some thing not filling in forms!

  4. arch

    I was wrong to just single out the President. I should have said GOVERNMENT.
    One of the biggest problems we have is POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. Craig from UK will probably agree too. It’s ruining England and the US.
    I hate to think people will wake up when it’s far too late.

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