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There’s never been a better time to join the MRAA

Retail dealers shouldn’t need a lot of reasons to be members of the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas. The fact that the MRAA is the exclusive national flag for the retail segment of our industry is reason enough.

But if you’re not a member yet, two excellent reasons for joining have been recently announced by the MRAA. In fact, an unprecedented series of new benefits for members have been initiated since Matt Gruhn was named MRAA president just a year ago. Here are the latest:

First, a new “MRAA Guide to Success in 2013” is hot off the press this week. It’s a handbook packed with more than 100 ideas that can be adapted to increase dealership results in the areas of sales, service, marketing, F&I and general management.

Notably, the 40-page guide was created in partnership with Lighthouse Media Solutions. Among its features are 13 articles from 11 industry experts and speakers from the 2012 Marine Dealer Conference & Expo, as well as recommendations from several of the MRAA’s trusted benefit providers.

According to MRAA director of membership and marketing Liz Walz, the guide will be delivered free to all new or renewing members who join the association during the November and December. It is also available to current members through the new and growing MRAA Rewards Resource Center, which is accessible at

“This guide is just one example of the valuable resources and benefits MRAA membership now provides,” Walz says, “and as dealers plan for an improved 2013, it contains exactly the kind of information and ideas that can help achieve growth.”

Secondly, the MRAA recently introduced a “Federal Regulations Compliance Guide” exclusively for member dealers to guide them in developing the appropriate policies and procedures to comply with federal financial regulations that have changed and multiplied in recent years.

The 44-page guide gives dealers with a clear understanding of the regulations while also providing key insights into how to comply with those laws. The guide, which was assembled in partnership with Priority One Financial Services, includes an overview of the eight regulations that pertain to marine dealers, many of the specific forms needed for compliance and a handy checklist for monitoring progress and compliance.

It’s no secret there’s a heightened push for enforcement of regulations such as the eight discussed in the guide. The risk of being hit with thousands of dollars in fines and penalties for not being in compliance is as real as it gets today.

Accordingly, it looks like a no-brainer for all dealers to be MRAA members for this benefit alone. This guide is also available to members at the MRAA Rewards Resource Center.

These days, the MRAA is clearly moving forward in many ways to benefit its members. The ROI of an MRAA membership has never been greater. I strongly recommend that every marine dealer join the MRAA now.



4 comments on “There’s never been a better time to join the MRAA

  1. Mark Yearn

    Spot on Norm!! – the benefits of membership are growing all the time and the numerous programs and opportunities available to dealers through the MRAA REWARDS program far out weigh the membership cost. The MRAA Board was forward thinking in the re-structuring of the membership dues – $300 for all dealers! The $300 investment in this association pays back huge dividends simply from a members participation in the MRAA REWARDS Program. Matt, his staff, and the Board are working hard to bring numerous benefits to its members while continuing to focus on the growth of the industry and protecting its members against restrictive legislation.

    Again – Spot on Norm – now is the time to join MRAA!

  2. Doug Reimel

    Hello, I am interested in joining the MRAA and want to learn more. My question is, do I have to join to find out what is in it? Are the benefits listed on the web site?

  3. Joe Lewis

    Hey Doug,
    To answer your question yes they are. You can visit and learn more about the organization. Either click on the “40 Fabulous Reasons to Join MRAA or hit the “Member Benefits” tab. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Matt Gruhn, Liz Walz or myself.

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