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MRAA conference is a ‘must’ attend

It’s got a new name — the Marine Dealer Conference & Expo (MDCE). It’s got a new momentum — the most comprehensive educational sessions ever put together by MRAA. It’s a “must” for dealers this year.

If there was ever a time for dealers to take the time to get new ideas and up-to-date information, it’s Nov. 17-19 at the Rio Hotel Casino, Las Vegas. In the current business climate, dealers can’t get enough knowledge, and the MDCE will be packed with it.

The MDCE has grown to 10 major sessions (up from six in past years.) The action kicks off Monday evening with a keynote presentation titled “Keys to Small Business Success” by Karin Iwata of E-Myth Worldwide, a small-business coaching and training organization that works with thousands of clients around the world annually.

Every presentation that follows will focus on arming dealers with what they need most: strategies and tactics that can be employed immediately. And the theme running throughout the entire program will center on demonstrating how dealers cannot just survive but thrive in the current market.

Other major sessions this year will feature “Value Based Selling,” presented by John Lane of JL Solutions; “Strategic Profit Planning,” by David Parker of Parker Business Planning; “Today’s Top Marketing Strategies,” presented by Wanda Kenton Smith for the Marine Marketers of America; “Learning to Thrive,” by Liz Walz of Boating Industry;  “The Economic Landscape,” with Steven Ramel of GE Capital Solutions; “Service Dept. Best Practices,” by Bob Williams, Five Star Solutions; and “Survival Mode,” presented by John Spader, Spader Business Management.

Two of the most popular events from past MRAA conferences are back, too. First, the “Industry Giants Panel” returns with eight leaders from the manufacturing side of the industry to provide their views and expectations for the turnaround and growth of boating.

Second, following the “Industry Giants Panel,” the “Dealer Solutions Forum” will take center stage with a panel of dealers from across the nation addressing solutions to many of the hottest issues facing retailers today. Panelists for both will be announced shortly.

I want to encourage all dealers to set aside these November dates and attend this MDCE. MRAA’s past conferences have all been excellent, but this one will clearly raise the bar and provide unprecedented knowledge for those in attendance. It’s worn out, but I have to say it anyway: Dealers can’t afford not to attend this event!

Visit the MRAA Web site to download the brochure. Or, for more information call MRAA at (708) 763-9210.


6 comments on “MRAA conference is a ‘must’ attend

  1. dave boso

    Wet blanket time;
    For my head tech and myself I make it to be $2600.00 for the convention, that’s almost the exact amount of my Electric and utility bill for October.
    That means I can either forgo the lights , water and gas for amonth or go to Vegas and listen to people that have never had to deal with an irate boat owner that found a gel coat crack and wants a new boat. Or a Moron with his hat on backwards and a Little devil beard trying to explain to me how his budds boat is going 70 MPH and his is only going 50.
    I think a meeting like this is fine for most multi million dollar dealers that need the rightoff. We little guys have diffrent things to spend our money on.
    I know Norm is doing his best to bring the whole works together, and a national show is a good idea, or maybe two or three, in diffrent locations. I just won’t be spending the bucks for this one.

  2. Jon F

    If it is a must see, who wants to pay my hotel, flight , meals etc. Plus with the store being short staffed because sales are so far down who is come to the store and cover for me while I am there.
    Maybe instead of spending millions on conventions The MRAA should put that money into helping dealers survive.

  3. Larry Keeter

    Been there, done that, too many times. It got old. Always people like NS who never reach for their own wallet telling me how to run my business in an industry that has been fizzling out since 1991. Believe me, there are much better and effective ways of marketing products than what you will get at the Vegas pow-wow. I spent $40k a few years ago to promote another business that I later learned there was no market either. Their superior methods did point that out and I will continue these practices in some other businesses I am looking at. I learned a long time ago not to listen to the self proclaimed authorities in the boat business on how to develop an effective marketing program as they are all back in the ’70’s and ’80’s with their thinking. The guru’s are nothing but graphics and ad copy people who want to put a piece of skin (or dog?) in an add, that barks louder, and more often. And you wonder why the prospect is confused.

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