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Political Campaigns Can Drive Us Nuts!

Can it be that Im just getting tired of the same old stuff? Or is it that my growing dislike for political campaigns reflects what others are thinking and I just happen to have a blog in which to air it out?

For sure Im expecting a very ugly two months of campaigns ahead with Congressional races and the White House up for grabs. Im particularly thrilled that all of them are helping me understand that Americas problem is Washington so theyre all running against Washington!

Now Im confused — I thought McCain and Obama and Congressmen and Senators were Washington. Guess not. So why, then, my building revulsion for campaigns? Seems the usual assumptions that it stems from Washington scandals and a weaker economy just dont fit. After all, weve had much juicier scandals in the past and far worse economic downturns. Remember the 1981-82 recession, for example, that had unemployment at 10.8% and interest rates at 22%! Were far better off today.

When I try to figure it all out, I keep concluding its the advertising blitzkrieg were being pounded with. Good grief — I think I may believe all politicians are as bad as their opponents have been telling me they are. Seems like they use thousands of TV spots every night to convince me. And they do it so well. Ever since 1964 when Lyndon Johnson ran the spot that, in effect, said his opponent, Senator Barry Goldwater, would rain atomic bombs down on school yards, negative campaign advertising has been a mainstay of elections. It has left us all cynical about politics and politicians.

Is it any wonder that, nowadays, were all feeling somewhat unsettled about the future. Were constantly being told that regardless of which candidate we elect, he or she will be bad for us. Such negativity will put us all on edge and people who are edgy about the future tend to put off major decisions and purchases, like buying a boat. Its why we must work harder right now to overcome the generally negative climate were in right now by consistently painting a picture for out prospects that boating is a positive family lifestyle and an escape from the negative messages around us.

Over 15 years ago, Charles Krauthammer wrote in Time Magazine that no industry has been so stupid as to devalue its product in pursuit of market share. Except politics. Imagine if Delta Air Lines ran a TV spot showing grieving families and scenes from Pan Am Flight 104 saying: Dont ever fly Pan Am. That would certainly create a negative feeling in us, not to mention that it would turn people negative toward air travel.

Unfortunately, during the next 2 months there will be wave after wave of negativity coming at us and our prospects. To sell our products in such an atmosphere will take extra effort and, in particular, a strong focus and emphasis on our message that boating brings to families a truly genuinely positive life style.


One comment on “Political Campaigns Can Drive Us Nuts!

  1. Arch

    Norm, you are dead on here with regards to the politics and their message. These politicians stink. The only one that I feel REALLY wants to fix Washington is ROMNEY. What a mistake it was not electing him. Instead, we are either going to get a career long political insider in McCain, or a radical liberal socialist in OBAMA. I still think we are OVERTHINKING the problem with out industry right now. The problems are very obvious and out in the open. Once we get past the election, real estate starts appreciating, fuel prices stabilize, and consumer confidence returns, we will see boat sales pick up.
    In the long term, I see weak growth in this industry due to a variety of factors, first and foremost that boats and boating have gotten too expensive.

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