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We’re still selling “A Simpler Time!”

Last July, my good friend Bing O’Meara (publisher of Lakeland Boating magazine) penned an editorial he called “A Simpler Time.” It’s a piece I just can’t forget, perhaps, because it contained some genuine truth about what we are still offering our boating customers every day we go to the dealership.

Bing noted it was July, his favorite month. “It’s my favorite because the summer does not really start until July 1. Warm is here to stay for a few months. School’s out!” he wrote.

To illustrate his recollection of the simpler time he knew growing up, he said: “There were no computers or video games, and even if there were, we probably wouldn’t have played them because we only played outside. . . I want to go back to grade-school Julys – when nothing was organized, pre-ballpoint pen, and the family vacationed with the 12-foot Sebago powerboat and a 71/2-hp Sears outboard. What a life!”

When I think about his reflections, I want to go back to simpler times, too. Consider this: We’re all now living in a time when daily headlines scream at us of terrorist attacks, political indictments, corporate scandals or war casualties. I’m convinced we are all wishing for the comfort and security of a more peaceful and simpler past we can well remember. Fact is, it’s the whole reason the retro-look trend has done so well today in everything from cars to clothes.

Boating was a simple pursuit then, and it still is. Boats are often dubbed “escape machines” or “freedom rides.” They are still as simple as pulling away from the dock and leaving today’s complexities of life on the land behind. Funny, but the farther out we go on the boat, the smaller those complications appear to be when we look back. Ah, the benefits of just messing about in a boat. It’s still the way it is!

Well, July 1 is here again. It’s a great time to remind ourselves of this: We were selling those good, simple times when the industry was booming. Moreover, we’re still selling exactly the same product with all the simple benefits even in these days of sluggish sales. Now, more than ever, a good sales person can easily touch a “hot button” with prospects. Make it a point in every sales interaction to talk about the simpler, easy times that owning a boat can mean for today’s family. That’s what we offer and it’s worth every penny!


4 comments on “We’re still selling “A Simpler Time!”

  1. Robert NorVelle

    Bing and Norman have touched on an element of pleasure boating that is at the core of why we so love our sport— simplicity. With experience, even the clear and careful steps we take in preparation for a boat trip become a source of enjoyment. That feeling of excitement and adventure when we leave the dock, boosts our spirits and relieves our minds of land-based worries.

    When we return to the dock we feel refreshed by the hours we spent in this ‘simpler life,’ and our minds are more often than not clearer and more energized than when we launched. The pure, basic simplicity of recreational boating can and does scrape away the “barnacles” that tend to accumulate in the course of out land-based days in this complicated and complex world.

    Now Mr. customer, are you ready to be good to yourself and join us in the “simpler life”? Are you ready to buy this fine (but simple) boat?

  2. AnonymousBob

    Amen, brother Norm!

    In this day of information overload, a body of water does wonders for the soul. Boating, as a lifestyle, remains unchanged regardless of the size of the boat, the on-board electronics, or the type of motor you have. Get on the water, let your stresses go, and enjoy Mother Nature. I am a firm believer in KISS – Keep It Super Simple. I like to use the “hot button” of relaxation – it’s an investment in good health and a long life. Pretty simple if you ask me.

  3. Loren Schweizer

    Tom Fexas, no longer with us, sadly, wrote a magazine piece about his boyhood experiences on the family boat on Long Island Sound. No genset, TV, refrigerator, fancy electronics…just a DC light or two and a cooler, plus a compass.
    I believe he said that 93% of all the boating enjoyment that could be had was had. I would wager that Norm and Bing would increase that percentage if for no other reason than the lack of noise & distraction augments the total experience of boat + water + surroundings + family/friends.

  4. Terry Wood

    Hi Norm, Well those points bing brought to life is why I have been in the business for 25 years!!!

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